Hey kitty gurl, you gaggin for some draggin? Start your engines, Lou Wall is about to host 5 of the fiercest and most fabulous Queens in Melbourne.
It’s an eleganza extravaganza, so strap in. Everything you know about drag is about to get stabbed in the eye by an inter-sectional, non-binary, stabby stiletto.

May the best woman (whatever that means) win! 

Performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

Winner of Best Emerging Artist Award

Created and Performed by: Lou Wall, Zac Collins-Widders, Bailee-Rose Farnham, Alex Thew, Asli Froufrou
Directed by: Sarah Branton
Set/Props Design and Construction by: Brynna Lowen
Costume Design and Construction by: Julia Spizzica
Lighting Design by: Rachel Lee
Sound Design by: Sidney Millar
Photography by: Jack Dixon-Gunn
Promotion Photography by: Alexis D. Lea
Cat Scratch Studios